Old Photographs of the SLO County Band

This photo was taken during the San Luis Elks' annual baseball game: Elks vs Elks, "fatties" vs "skinnies." Scroll right and you can see the band at the end in the line of people standing in front. The picture was taken in 1908 at Merchant Field which was located where Cal Trans is now, the intersection of Madonna Rd (then French Rd.) and Higuera St.

This photo was taken in the early 1900's (from the History Center files).

The next two photos were taken on July 4th, 1908

This photo was taken around 1940.

The year of this picture is unknown.

The band in 1954.

The band in 1905

The San Luis Military Band in front of the Andrews Hotel, corner of Monterey and Osos Streets. The hotel was destroyed by fire in 1886.

The band in 1908.

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